Far Out is a 1950's-science-fiction musical which spoofs the classic grade-B-Alien Invasion movies of the period, along with the Sock-Hop-Annette Funicello-obsessed teen scene, and the cold war itself. It is comic and campy like Hairspray and The Producers, and has a distinct sardonic edge like Urinetown. Far Out playfully pokes fun at conservative America and is also a loving homage to the science fiction genre it unabashedly satirizes. There is an intellectual kernel in Far Out as well,

that of looking beneath the surface and accepting a person for the integrity of their character, not what they look like or what we might perceive them to be. This seed is brought to life through a roller-coaster-ride plot, amusing characters, and entertaining songs. This show could someday be a huge seller among both cult audiences as well as the college, high school and community theatre markets.
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